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RFP open at dawn Sunday. B. Heron, Kingfisher, Country Park, Open at noon Sunday. B. Eagle, BL, LL, Owl's R, Shad… (Aug 08)
Fat Tire Society Annual Meeting
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Here's a short synopsis

1) Trail crews - each singletrack trail has a designated person responsible for maintenance:

Owl's Roost : Dave Phlegar
Wild Turkey : Matt Schweitzer
Blue Heron : Mark Gatehouse
Reedy Fork : Bud Blaylock
Bald Eagle : Scott Vines
Country Park : Zach Martin
The "Zone" : Susan Thomas

2) New loop on WT - one way, biker only; Re-routes on OR

3) Zone re-do - a new plan is being drawn up, digging should start soon.

4) FTS website - we need content.

5) 501 status didn't come up, needs to though.

Trail Workdays

Info will be posted here and on the calendar

Recent Fat Tire Society Projects:

New bridge on Blue Heron

New Reedy Fork Bridge
90 feet!

Blazing new trails @ Country Park

Bridge on Blue Heron

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