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GFTS Board Meeting Minutes, Jan. 23rd 2012
February 3, 2012 | No Comments
  • The Greensboro Fat Tire Society
  • Board Meeting Agenda
  • 1/23/2012
  • Cycle de Oro
  • 1410 Mills St.
  • 7:00 - 8:30 pm
  1. Call to Order and Welcome
    1. Regrets from Chris Peck and Will Holt who could not make the meeting
    2. Welcome to Susan Thomas as Vice President and Race Director
  2. VP/ Race Director Report
    1. The annual GFTS meeting will be at Natty Green's Feb 9th at 7pm
    2. We will be printing fliers to advertise in the local shops.

    3. Sizzler : Susan has contacted 7-8 manufactures (mostly NC) for sponsorships and donations.
  1. Secretary Report
    1. Website : James and Curtis are working together on how to manage the website.
    2. Development of new sections for the website are in the works :
      1. About Us
      2. History of the Trails
      3. Listing of Board Members (VOTED and APPROVED)
      4. List of Minute Meetings (VOTED and APPROVED)
      5. Listing of By-Laws (VOTED and APPROVED)
      6. New emails will be set up via the GFTS website as : President, Race, Webmaster and Trail-work
  1. Treasurer Report
    1. Race Season Financials
      1. A total income of $7865.00 was for 2011
      2. After the events, $2523.02 was the Total Event Earnings of 2011
      3. $2000 of the money came from a grant of GVC
      4. We will loose $871 due to the Copperhead Classic being canceled
      5. We do have $500 that will not be coming out of the budget that was given to SORBA or the membership
      6. Trail Care Crew will be in the Cedar Room at Bur-Mill Park
      7. Motion to send in deposit for the room was voted and seconded
    2. Trail Advocacy
      1. First section of King Fisher has been flagged. A little over a mile long has been finished and have started cutting. Two issues : trail building has to comply with the Jordan Lake rules. The second part will have to be a very detailed walk through. Good news is that the new phase will make the existing trail a loop.
      2. $500 extra will come out of the funds to cover the cost of more stone for rock armoring was voted and approved
      3. Also need funds for 6 RogueHoe's was voted and approved
      4. Will be contacting some people on becoming trail captains
  1. Old Business
    1. GFTS year in review
      1. IMBA/SORBA Chapter Status
      2. The 14th Annual Sizzler
      3. The Copperhead Classic
      4. National Trails Day
      5. GFTS Fat Tire Patrol
      6. Club Spring Camp Trip
      7. Scout Pack #409 Skills Ride
      8. IMBA Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day
      9. The Minions Group Ride
  2. New Business
    1. 2012 Committees
      1. Nominations
      2. Trails
      3. National Trails Day (June 2nd)
      4. IMBA's Take A Kid Mountain Bike Day

      5. Group rides and Socials will have the incorporation of the Isle of Misfit Toys & The Minions ride.
      6. Newsletter
      7. Land Manager and Memorandum of Understanding
      8. Camping Trips
    2. GFTS General Meeting
      1. The meeting will be February 9th at Natty Greene's.
      2. It was discussed as to how the meeting should be structured.

        1. 30 minutes of the meeting will be formal with the Board of Directors giving presentations.
          We will then break into groups based on certain topics on how to improve the biking
          community. These will be :
          1. Socials : James Hackenberg
          2. Trails : Mark Gatehouse
          3. Newsletter : Tyler Graf
          4. National Trails Day : Dan Troll
          5. Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day : John Bovine
    3. Land Manager Policies
      1. Discussion was made on policies concerning rain dates. A committee will be formed to determine Land Manager Policies. This committee will be administered by Matt Schwitzer.
      2. IMBA Trail Care Crew will be here in April. There will be a group ride on Sunday. It will be a group of around 50 with a discussion on how to build maintain/sustainable trails; as well as Land Manager training
    4. GFTS Newsletter
      1. Member based interest info. It will be emailed as a link to the newsletter that will be posted on the GFTS site. Tyler Graf will be heading this up and have a call out for content
    5. Piedmont Youth Mountain Bike League
      1. Costs for the races and fees:
        1. Bur-Mill : $250, Country Park : $150 and Hagan Stone Park : $90.
  3. Other Discussions
    1. Dale Brown suggested that the local shops buy a lot of the existing shirts to sell within their shops.
      The shops will buy a pack of 1 small 2 Med 3 Large 2 X-Large. Also possibly for the jersey on display
  4. Adjourn

In Attendance:

  • James Hackenberg
  • Mark Gatehouse
  • Curtis Adkins
  • Susan Thomas
  • Kara Montgomery
  • Dale Brown
  • Matt Schweitzer

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