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The Greensboro Fat Tire Society - 2013 Annual General Meeting
March 24, 2013 | No Comments

The Greensboro Fat Tire Society
2013 Annual General Meeting

Monday, 2/11/2013
Kickback Jacks
1600 Battleground Ave. Greensboro, NC. 27408

  1. Call to Order and Welcome 7:00Introduction of the 2013 board members and thank you to the exiting 2012 board members 2013 Board Members
    • Jimmy "Wu" Hackenberg: President
    • John Bovine: Vice President and Race Director
    • Scott Schneider: Secretary
    • Mark Gatehouse: Treasurer and Trail Advocate
    • Bri Simpson
    • Chris Pieck
    • Dale Brown
    • David Caton
    • Matt Schweitzer
    • Tony McGee
    • Watts Dixon
    • Will Holt
    Exiting 2012 Board Members
    • Kara Montgomery
    • Susan Thomas
    • Curtis Adkins
    • Daniel Trull
  2. Presidents Report: A taste of 2013:
    1. 2013 National Trails day at Country Park
    2. The Zone gets a redo
    3. New Belgian Brewing company increases sponsorship for 2013
      1. Possible Beer garden at teh Sizzler race
    4. There will be an update to the way we schedule and plan trail work days
      1. Workday calendar
      2. The board has approve all trail bosses ability to schedule and perform maintenance on their trail without further approval.
      3. 2013 Banff Mountain Film festival
    2012 in review:
    1. The trail committee meeting in May 2012 has achieved results and made an impact.
    2. The GFTS supported or sponsored 25 events last year.
  3. Vice President's Report
    1. 2013 Sizzler Race
    2. 2013 PYMBL series
    3. Minion rides
    4. Kids camp and ride
  4. Secretary Report
    1. 2013 Membership Drive
    2. 2013 Run From the Cops
  5. Treasurer's Report
    1. 2012 was a full year as an IMBA club.
    2. This time last year funds were $7,700.00.
    3. This year we have $17,995.00
    4. VF Corporation donated $2,000
    5. REI donated $5,000
    6. The GFTS applied for a government RFP grant in the amount of $200,000 and we have passed the first tier of the process.
    7. Trail work status
      1. Owl's Roost
      2. Parking connection to Reedy Fork trail
      3. King Fisher
      4. Bryan Park
  6. New Business
    1. 2013 committees; Race, Sponsorship, Trails, Membership, MOU, Nominations
    2. Opportunities in the Piedmont
      1. Trails start up or renovation in; Kernersville, Winston Salem, and surrounding counties
      2. Cooperative efforts between groups in other areas as well as other trail user groups
      3. Cycling club trips
  7. Questions
    1. Hagan Stone park beginner trail and other trail work for beginner trails
    2. There will be a calendar for trail work days.
    3. Trail Captains now have the authority to plan trail maintenance days. Please inform members and get the dates on the calendar whenever possible.
  8. Adjourn
  9. 2013 Awarding of the Golden Gnome award for trail excellence to David Merideth

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