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Blue Heron Trail Weed Trimming Work 05-16-14
May 13, 2014 | No Comments

Blue Heron Trail

Weed Trimming Work Day 05-16-14

This Friday (May 16) we are giving Blue Heron its first trim of the year. When we've done this in the past we had a 3 person team with 2 weedeaters, a blower, and a rake. We started From Yanceyville and worked our way in. If we could have two teams working in from both ends we could get it done that much quicker.
If you have a couple hours free, come on out. If you have a weedeater, blower and/or a rake, bring it along. If you don't have equipment and still would like to help, come on out. Bring some gloves and water, maybe a snack.

We'll be starting at 08:00 from Yanceyville and heading towards Church St.. There are currently three of us, which makes a good size crew. If we get a few more volunteers we could start at Church and head toward Yanceyville as well and knock this out even quicker.

Weather is looking pretty nice for Friday, c'mon out and join us!

Matt Hoffman

email: [email protected]

or PM Matt on Bike Triad

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