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Trail Work Day 05/24/14
May 20, 2014 | No Comments

Volunteers Needed !

Work Day Information

When: 05/24/14

Where: Owls Roost Trail

Our last work day was cut short by heavy rains in the afternoon. We need to put the finishing touches on the new sections we just built near the new bridge. Most of the heavy cutting is completed.

The work site is at the far end of the trail at the greenway from Bur-mill park. It's best if you ride your bike from Bur-mill down the greenway to the far end of the trail.   If you are not sure how to get to the work site.Someone will be at the  Bur-mill Club Wildlife Ed. Center at 8:00 am until 8:30 am.

Bring your work gloves.

We will Start at 8:30am until 4:00pm. Feel free to stop by anytime and help even if it's for just an hour.

Use the Contact link  to let use know you are volunteering for this event or have questions.

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