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ALL trails remain CLOSED. ⚠️ Help needed to clear storm damage! Cleanup still needed on Heron, Reedy, Turkey (marina side), Big Loop, Little Loop, Shady, Roost. How you can help: (Oct 02)
GFTS email list
January 29, 2015 | No Comments

I've set up a GFTS email list to improve communication to the Triad area Mountain Biking community we serve. That's all of you folks!

The initial emails we send will be short, and to the point.  Hopefully, they'll get better as we learn what people want to hear from the club and we improve our ability to communicate. We won't cover you up with constant emails.

The signup form has check boxes for you to tell us what interests you have, to help us learn what you want to hear about. The only required field is your email address.We kinda need to have that.

Don't be afraid to sign up. Press the big red button below. Do it now.

We look forward to getting this ball rolling.

See you on the trails! (As soon as they open)


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