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BikeTriad shutdown
February 12, 2015 | No Comments

It's a sad day for the Triad Mountain Biking community.

As many of you know by now, has shutdown. You can go to and see a Thank You page that also explains why. I know it was a tough decision for Laura and Chris to make.

I am going to miss biketriad, it has been my online connection to the area mountain bike scene for quite some time. I have ridden many miles with many friends that I've met through the site. At it's peak, it was a pretty happening place for mountain bikers around here. Always a ride or three being planned.  I think these things are true for a lot of Triad folks.

I've already been contacted by people wanting to know how to contact Chris & Laura to thank them and tell them what biketriad has meant to them. Of course, we can't give out any contact info but what YOU can do is reply to this post. The comments are visible to the public, the only hitch is the first post a person makes will be moderated so it might take a little while to be viewable. (It's an anti-spam thing)

One question for you folks, is a forum something you are interested in?

See you on the trails!

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