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2/9/2015 - Annual Meeting Minutes
February 16, 2015 | No Comments

Board Members for 2015 Scott Schneider/President, Mark Gatehouse/Treasurer, Matt Hoffman/Communications, Matt Schweitzer, Tony McGee, Chris Pieck, Watts Dixon

In 2014 our goals were to: increase membership, improve communication, and start regular rides led by a board member of the FTS. In the past 12 months, our membership has increased from 75 to 142. Most of those are new members. We have revamped our website to put out relevant information and a current calendar of events and we have started a Saturday ride group that has become very popular. In 2014 we participated in the Banff Mountain Film Festival and National Trails Day. We hosted the Sizzler Mountain Bike Race, Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, and the Burn the Turkey Benefit for Second Harvest Food Bank.

In 2015, our goals are still to increase membership, and to have more social events, starting with the FTS meetup event at Revolution Cycles on March 7, from 5-8 pm. Come meet new people and share your vision for the FTS.

We’re going to increase the number of member meetings to improve community through increased member-to-member and member-to-board communication. Our next one is proposed to be May 11, at 7pm, more information will be announced. We want to improve on our ongoing goal to increase children’s programming as part of the FTS. We are in the process of ordering new tee shirts and are starting the process for new jerseys.

The event schedule for 2015 begins with the FTS meet-up event at Revolution Cycles on March 7th. The Banff Film Festival is on March 29. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Bald Eagle Trail. On April 28, we will have a trail rededication event. May 20th is the Ride of Silence. June 6th is National Trails Day. August 9th is the Sizzler. October 3rd will be Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. Burn the Turkey will be November 28th.

Matt Hoffman – We have a new email List. Please go to our website to sign up for emailed trail news and events.

Mark Gatehouse – This year has been about advocacy. We are constantly fighting to gain access to natural land and to keep what we have. We are currently in discussion with the City, the County, and State Parks to keep or increase access in those areas. The good news is that these conversations have been productive. There continues to be a lot of work on the Bald Eagle trail in preparation for the rededication April 25th. The King Fisher trail continues to be on hold and will not be a trail priority for 2015. The grant process will start fresh in 2016. We hope to get funding then to start the rest of King Fisher.

Tom Sauret SORBA/IMBA- Tom spoke of the change of direction for mountain bike chapters. In many cases trails have been built and the need for immediate action advocacy has lessened. Mountain bike chapters are evolving into groups focused on community. Children’s and women’s programs are increasing. Rides and get togethers are becoming the emphasis and not work days. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of work days. That is the case with this group and it is a model to succeed.

2014 Golden Gnome awards- Jason Millington, Matt Hoffman/runner up, Dale Brown/Lifetime Achievement Gnome

Laura Peoples with BIG spoke about how BIG represents all aspects of cycling, including mountain biking. She said they are there to support us.

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