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GFTS T-Shirt - want one (or more)?
By ellingtondev | February 21, 2015 | No Comments

We are preparing to place an order for GFTS T-shirts and we need to get an idea of how many of each size we should order.

This is not a pre-order and you are not committing to purchase at this time.

The T-shirts will be a technical fabric. The color is Charcoal Grey. Mens and Womens cut shirts are available. Price is not set yet but is expected to be around $15.00 each. See the design below.

If you are interested, please use the 'T-shirt Feedback' button below to send us an email that reflects what you want - Mens or Womens, size and quantity.

Something like this will be great:

Mens        XL    2
Womens   M     1

Please reply before March 2 so we can get the order placed and we'll all have fresh new GFTS T-shirts for spring!


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