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Important - County Commissioners meeting Thursday. We all need to show up!
December 1, 2015 | , No Comments

With all of the rain you can’t ride on the trails, so skip the gym or the stationary trainer and help determine what you will or won’t ride for the rest of your life in Guilford County.

We need a HUGE show of force for this Thursday’s Commissioners meeting.  At 5:30 pm, even if you don’t plan to speak.  Please come early and bring your bike helmet so commissioners understand who is actually the vocal minority vs. a big voting block!

See Web site:

The commissioners  vote and decision on Rich Fork Preserve will likely set a precedent on open space property  and mt. bike trail access.  The mt. bike community voted to support the $10 million in bonds  since they were supposed to enable trails such as Rich Fork for bikes to use.

Open Space said, NO TO BIKE ACCESS for Haw River/ Bill Craft, NO to Company Mill near Hagen Stone, and now they are saying NO to Rich Fork. Many of you rode for a decade on this area as part of the “Northwood Elementary trails”.  So the trails are still on the ground and  10 of the 30 acres proposed for trail access have been clear cut logged.  So you can imagine if this is not viewed as “suitable for mt. biking”, nothing will be.    PLEASE ATTEND!

The article on the Front Page of Saturday’s paper:

Susan Ladd’s biased article in Sunday’s paper is here:

BTW the GFTS and Guilford County Parks were not proponents of separating this preserve from County ownership to the YMCA.   The issue is why out of 1,770 acres has absolutely no bike access been allowed?  We are looking for access to less than 25% of the park and none of the area around the historic home site or interfering with the Conner Trail.


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