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Happy Holidays!
December 21, 2015 | , No Comments

 The GFTS board would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a great 2015 and wish you Happy Holidays. 

 As 2015 draws to a close and we begin to make plans and resolutions for 2016 let us not forget to give as well as receive. While we are thankful for the new wheels, tires, or dingy bell from one of our great local bike shops, let us also be thankful for the miles of quality trail that we have access to. When we resolve to spend more time on our bike in 2016 or get a new fastest time on Wild Turkey, let's also resolve to give back to our trails, either through our financial donations, memberships or volunteer hours. 

The GFTS resolves to give you our hard work on and off of the trail so that wherever you ride in 2016 you have an epic adventure. 

Thank you and Happy Holidays, 

Scott S. Mark G. Scott V. Matt H. Matt S. Chris H. Chris P. Tony M. and Watts D.

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