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Public Meeting on the Rich Fork Property Master Plan – January 13, 2016
January 7, 2016 | No Comments

The final meeting on the Rich Fork Property Master Plan is happening next week.

Do not underestimate the importance of having as many Mountain Bike Supporters as possible at this meeting.  County Commissioners make judgements on what the majority of the electorate wants. They need to see our voting block.

This is a Public Input meeting and we (the public) must make it clear we want MTB trails as part of the plan for the Rich Fork Property. Our Guilford County tax dollars are paying for the bond (that we voted for) to purchase Open Space properties including Rich Fork.  We have yet to be allowed to create MTB trail on any of the 1,770 acres which were purchased as open space, yet they have been building trails and allowing hiking access.

If you do live in High Point it is very important for you to show up.  For years member input has been "why doesn't High Point and Jamestown have access to trails like Greensboro?".  This is your chance to be heard.

Even if you don't live in High Point don't think that this does not concern you, because it does. The policy decision on Rich Fork is likely to set a precedent to stop bike access to property in your part of Guilford County.

The format of the meeting is still somewhat unclear but there will likely be a place for written comments to be taken, be sure to write a simple "I want bike access" comment.

If you do choose to speak, please be courteous, say what you feel but be polite about it.

Also bring your bike helmet with you.  It will help us to try to sit together, network with non GFTS members and let commissioners see the numbers supporting bikes.

BTW get there as early as you can, the room is small and turnouts have been large.

Please pass this information on to any mountain bikers you know!  We need to get the word out.

Date:  Wednesday, January 13th
Time:  5:30pm-7:30pm
Location:  the High Point Library
901 N. Main Street, High Point, NC

Guilford County Parks is excited to announce a public input meeting on the Master Plan for the Rich Fork Property.   The meeting will be held at the High Point Library on Wednesday, January 13th from 5:30pm-7:30pm and will feature the Concept plan for the future of this property.

Located between Northwood Elementary School and the YMCA of High Point, this property is roughly 114 acres.
The County invites everyone to come be a part of the January 13th meeting to provide valuable input on the future of this property.

For more information please contact Dwight Godwin at (336) 641-4751.

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