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Work Day - Sunday 1/10/2016
January 9, 2016 | No Comments

Sorry for the short notice but we've got a couple trail issues that need to be addressed ASAP so we figured we'd see if we can get some help.

What: Short Notice Trail work day RF, BH, KF.

Where: Reedy Fork Trail head on Lake Brandt Rd.

When: Sunday January 10, 2016  09:00 until 2:00 (ish)

Stuff to bring: Gloves, appropriate clothing/shoes/boots, water, snack.

Details: There are 2 large trees down on Reedy Fork. The first one is on the first bridge from Lake Brandt Rd. and has broken that section of the bridge. The second tree is further down the trail after you pass the beaver dam and the bridge after it. Our first task will be to clear both trees. Then a crew will stay at the bridge to perform the necessary repairs and others will head to Blue Heron to clear a couple spots of some pretty bad mud. Then that crew will go to King Fisher to work on a berm that experienced some erosion in all the rain we've received in the last month. If you have ridden any of these trails in the last week you know exactly what we are talking about.

Oh yeah, we will be hauling lumber in to the bridge at 9 am

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