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Blue Heron Trim Work Day
May 23, 2016 | No Comments

Blue Heron is having a vegetation trim this Saturday 5/28/2016

The overgrowth on Blue Heron is getting thick and we are going to trim it back and could use some help. We will be using weedeaters, rakes, loppers and blowers as well as a few tools to do minor trail maintenance along the way. We will meet at the Yanceyville parking lot and then divide into teams. A team will head in from Yanceyville and another will go to Church street and work in from there. If we have a large enough turnout we can also send a team to King Fisher and / or Reedy Fork Church street end.

If you have working weedeaters or blowers and want to use them bring them along but please ensure they are in good working order.  The same goes for rakes and loppers. Don't forget fuel if you bring a power tool.

Where: Blue Heron Trail - Parking Lot 4953 Yanceyville Rd.

When: Saturday 5/28/2016 09:00 am - 1:00 pm

Stuff to bring: Gloves, appropriate clothing/shoes/boots, eye and hearing protection if working with/around power tools, water, snack.

Details: We will be clearing vegetation that is encroaching on the trail. Depending on how many folks show we will divide into teams and work different sections. 

Note: If you are not coming out to work with us you might consider riding a different trail Saturday morning. When we're cutting a section there will be briers and other debris on the tread that you might not want to ride through. 

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