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Hanging Rock State Park - Master Plan
October 2, 2017 | No Comments

The survey ended 10/1/2017. Saving post for reference.

We need your help TODAY!  The third and final phase of plan development for the Moores Springs Trails is taking place.  We want YOU to participate in the on-line survey that consultants have provided to give input for Hanging Rock State Park. Phase 3 – Draft Master Plan The Phase 2 survey reflected 60% of people supported emphasis on bike trails and camping opportunities.  Only 8% surveyed saw the need for hiking only trails.   Survey user feedback appears to not be represented in developing the most recent plan. The Phase 3 draft version of the plan is still lacking adequate bike trail mileage. The Phase 3 plan reflects a major expansion of hiking only trails instead of increasing needed bike trail mileage.  We would recommend the cycling community to not support the plan as it is presented for question number 1 on the survey. Key feedback points to consider to include in your survey on what an improved cycling plan should contain are: 

1.     The recommendations of this plan do not reflect that currently Hanging Rock State Park has over 20 miles of hiking trail, and only 8 miles of bike trail (which hikers can walk on too).   The plan needs to be more bike centric to meet the overall demand the survey reflects.

2.    More bike trail mileage is needed to make this park a destination location like Lake Norman State Park. The MST area focus should be to increase total  bike trail mileage in this park.  We would like to see at least 20 miles of bike trails at the park. 

3.     All trails south and east of Vade Mecum Creek should be biking trails.   There should be no “hiking only trails” between the creek and the existing bike trail network.   Horses and hikers should be on the trails west and north of the creek.  

 4.   The mountain bike community (which built all of the existing bike trails) has a long term vision of a bike centric camping area at the Moores Spring campground.   This campground should be a biking and floating/boat only campground!  There should not be any “hiking only trails” in this area.   

5.    The proposed plan is great for the hotel and a hostel on Mecum Central.  However, the plan should save the existing pool so people have a place to go swimming with family without having to drive to the main park’s swimming lake.

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