All Trails still closed. We got another .75-1.0" of rain in Triad Sunday. (May 25)
8.5" of rain in 4 days = 2.25 MONTHS of normal rainfall! All trails are still closed for at least Friday & Saturday. (May 22)

Kingfisher Trail Workday

Saturday December 9, 2017

Kingfisher Big Dig 3 Trail Building – Register now!

There is no on site parking. We’ll be shuttling to/from the work site. Click the registration link for more info.

We have 1/2 mile of trail to build to connect the existing Kingfisher trail to the 3/4 mile of new trail that we’ve been building over the last several workdays. We need a large turnout to complete the job. Bring a friend!

This will be the last workday of 2017, let’s make it the biggest and best of the year!

This is the workday everybody has been waiting for! Register now!