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Saturday Group Ride
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When: Sat May 9 at  9 AM

Where: Bald Eagle lot at Lake Higgins Marina entrance. If the lot is full you can park at the Marina lot.

The plan:  Ride Bald Eagle trail. We've been doing some work on this trail, come on out and see what we've been up to. If you've never ridden it, come and check it out.

Ride is for all riders of all skill levels. The ride is intended to be a fun, social ride for all. We won’t leave anyone behind and will stop as needed. If you want to ride ahead, that’s OK. Faster riders are always welcome to lead up front.

Stuff to bring: Mountain bike, in working order, helmet, water, tube or patch kit, snack.

If our Trails are closed we will not be riding.

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Looking forward to seeing you

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