All Trails still closed. We got another .75-1.0" of rain in Triad Sunday. (May 25)
8.5" of rain in 4 days = 2.25 MONTHS of normal rainfall! All trails are still closed for at least Friday & Saturday. (May 22)

We are going to Moores Spring Trail on Labor Day Monday, 9/7/2015.

This is an intermediate skills trail system and has a fair amount of climbing and technical features. Anybody can come ride but please consider this before deciding. 

Google map of MST locationWhat: Labor Day Ride at MST Where: Moores Spring Road (SR 1001) – Danbury NC. When: Monday September 7 @ 10:00 am This ride is for riders with intermediate MTB skills. Advanced beginner probably too, it’s your decision to make. It is intended to be a fun, social ride. 

Stuff to bring: Mountain bike (in working order), helmet, water, food, tube or patch kit. Anything else you think you might need. MST is not far from Greensboro but you don’t want to forget anything!

The weather is looking great, hope to see you there.