All trails are open. (Nov 08)
Country Park & Rich Fork P open at 12:30 on Friday. All other trails open at dawn Saturday. (Nov 08)

What: Sunday Afternoon Group Ride – Bur-Mil

Where: Bur-Mil Park by the Wildlife Center

When: Sunday September 6th @ 1pm

This ride is for all riders of all skill levels. It is intended to be a fun, social ride for all. We won’t leave anyone behind and will stop as needed. If you want to ride ahead, that’s OK. Faster riders are always welcome to lead up front.
Stuff to bring: Mountain bike, in working order, helmet, water, tube or patch kit, snack.

If the trails are closed, but it is not actively raining, we will either ride the Greenway or organize a C Group Level road ride for anyone interested.