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Help Needed! Hurricane Cleanup
October 1, 2022 | No Comments


Team, we have a BIG job to do and we need your help. The storm has trashed our trails and we need all hands on deck to clear them. They’re littered with debris (derailleur snaggers) and downed trees (cycle-stoppers). Our big fundraiser ride is next Sunday so we have a deadline to make. 

HOW: Walk (do NOT ride) the trails, remove branches/debris, and report downed trees using the TrailForks app (instructions here). In your reports, we absolutely need descriptive details. Take photos with an object next to the tree, for size reference. A water bottle, backpack, rake, anything at all. This is very important. Please also report any clearing work you do as well, so we know what has been done. Use the same instructions above.

BRING a rake or leaf blower, gloves, water, and a snack. Absolutely DO NOT use a chainsaw. We have a team of certified and insured sawyers out there working. Leave the big stuff for them. Clear the trail of any limbs and twigs - anything that can get caught in a drivetrain. If you come upon workers with chainsaws, MAKE SURE they see you before you approach.

TRAILS: Prioritize these, as they will be used for the event: Blue Heron, Reedy Fork, Wild Turkey, Country Park, Owl’s Roost, Shady Side, Big Loop, and Little Loop. Check Twitter before you begin.

We will update the cleanup status on Twitter.
Here's a list of all work reports since the storm, and here's a detailed view.


*If TrailForks crashes, try restarting/reinstalling the app. Or, post without photos, but we absolutely need GPS coordinates and a great description.

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